Friday, August 29, 2014

Juniper olive console port issue

So I decided to try out the Juniper olive I've been hearing about. I looked online and noticed how people were able to create a virtual Junos device on a virtualization platform like VMWare ESXi. The one problem that all the users were having was that the images were meant to be installed onto an actual router and configuring the device meant connecting to it via a console port. The problem there is that in a virtual platform, there is no physical access to the console port.

What you end up seeing on the video console is this message:

If only you could modify the image so that the /boot/loader.conf file so instead of reading:


it could be modify to project on the video console.

console="comconsole, vidconsole"

I found out that VMWare has the ability to allow remote serial connectivity through telnet. First you add a serial port.

Then in the pull down menu, you choose network.

Next you select Direction and choose Server. In the port URL you'll need to map the port number to a new value that is not a well know port number. I chose 10026. You add the url


Then after you spin up the VM. You access the new VM by telneting to the Host Server's IP and the custom port number you created. It may take a while, but eventually you'll get a prompt.

My_Mac% telnet 10026
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Amnesiac (ttyd0)


Next you can edit the /boot/loader.conf file or add an IP address and turn on telnet/ssh service on the Virtual Junos so you can directly access the device through a management port.

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