Friday, November 21, 2014

Automating a Palo Alto Networks Firewall using Python

In my last post I used a python script to extract information from a Palo Alto Networks Firewall using pan-python. In this post I'll illustrate how to configure a firewall using the API.

Palo Alto Networks uses XML as the data structure for it's representation of the configuration file. Automating a firewall takes three steps.
  • Creating the xml file
  • Pushing the xml file to the firewall
  • Committing the candidate configuration
 I created a sample xml configuration file that would add an IP address to a sub-interface with a vlan tag of 1 on interface ethernet1/3.

<entry name="ethernet1/3">
      <entry name="ethernet1/3.1">
          <entry name=""/>


This is going to be placed into a text file called sub-int.xml which I'll use later.

In my script I read from the file and and place it into a variable called data. I strip the newlines so that I don't have separate each line into an array.

Last you need to commit the config. One thing about the api is that the commit call needs an xml element <commit/>

When I tried it without a cmd ie. xapi.commit(), I got the following error.

pan.xapi.PanXapiError: Missing value for parameter "cmd".

This was confusing at first, until I spoke with a Palo Alto networks Solutions Architect about it and he explained that you need to tell it which type of commit you want. There are a few options such as commit, commit partial and commit full. I think there should be a default setting.  Commit without any input should mean a normal commit. Maybe I'll modify a git cloned repository.

import pan.xapi
from cred import get_pan_credentials
credentials = get_pan_credentials()

print credentials
xapi = pan.xapi.PanXapi(**credentials)

xpath = "/config/devices/entry/network/interface/ethernet"

#open xml file and read it into a variable called data.
with open ("sub-int.xml", "r") as myfile:'\n', '')

#set the config using the above xpath

#commit the config. Make sure to add the xml command.


Here's the resulting screen cap:

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